Ambrose Augustin

I will burn the heratics with my power and no harm shall come to me or my brothers for I am blessed with the emperors stigmata




Fate: 3
Wounds: 23
Psy Rating: 3
Movement: 5/10/15/30

-10 to sight related perception and +10 to psiniscience
Standard space marine
psyniscience trained
tactics void combat trained

Talents and Traits
Standard space marine
Willpower basic 200exp
Weapon skill basic 200exp
Hatred Heratics (armor history)


Power armor (standard with thine arm is the scourge of the impure and to forget is to forgive. never forget).
Force Sword
Frag x3
Krak x3
Combat Knife
Chapter trapping x1


From the diary of Ambrose Augustine.
My battle brothers had been pinned down by enemy fire and only I had managed to enter the heretics underground tunnel before they fell upon us. I would not have abandoned my brothers to this fire fight where the need to disable the orbital defences not so pressing. The sounds of chain swords and bolter fire echoed through the concrete tunnels as I descended and only the mission stopped me from turning back and brining the emperors wrath down upon the swarms of filthy heretics that descended upon my brothers.
The tunnels were abandoned to the fighting above but they were not empty. Corpses of heretics split in two from the chaos beasts that erupted from inside them, rotted in the corridors, some of them must have been months old, but the expressions of anguish remained on their faces, if faces remained at all. One man was little more than a pair of eyeballs floating in liquefied viscera. I felt no pity for him, or any of them, this was the fate they deserved for betraying the emperor.
As I progressed through the putrid passage ways the sounds of the battle above grew quiet and for some time my footsteps and breathing were the only things that I heard but as I grew closer to my target I the sound of monstrous high pitched voices echoed. I feared I faced more than one chaos beast in the control room. However, when I kicked in the doors to the control room these fears were dispelled and replaced by one horror.
There was but a single creature before me. It had many heads and each of them shrieked and cackled to the others, perhaps it was speaking in whatever infernal language such creatures know, or perhaps, and I would suggest that this is more likely, it was simply gibbering with pure insanity. This thing filled at lead one third of the control room, its bloated body welded to the floor and the communications devices that it operated. I would conjecture that it was once female, or rather a number of females, by the mounds of flesh that sagged from where I suspected its chests where. I suspected at least six individuals composed the beast, although it was difficult to be sure, as it has begun to cannibalise its self in the absence of others to feed it.
This thing was my target, I had no doubt that it was controlling the orbital defence systems. Insane thought it may have been, its tentacles worked tirelessly at the controls of the devices around it, even as I approached. When eventually it noticed my presence, most likely catalysed by the presence of my sword in what I had wrongly assumed to be a vital area, the creatures heads swung in my direction and simultaneously shrieked in such a piercing fashion that lesser men would perhaps have been disabled. Its tentacles, however, kept working upon the controls. Perhaps it through that this shriek would fell me, I do not know, but I like to think it was surprise I glimpsed on its faces as I severed the first head from its bloated body. Only now did it turn its tentacles against me. I severed many of them as they came towards me but they were many and those that made it through wrapped themselves around my arms and neck with unholy strength, disabling me. My faith was not shaken. I reached into the void and felt the emperor’s strength filling my mind. A terrible pain coursed through me, like knives stabbing my brain from the inside but I was elated for I knew that it was only because a mere mortal such as myself, could not contain the glory of the emperor for very long. A red haze overcame my vision and the emperor’s wrath burst from my hands like arcs of lightning severing the creatures remaining tentacles and bursting its body like an overripe melon. The pain in my head subsided but the red haze remained as it does to this day.
I spared no time in dispatching orbital defence controls for the Exterminatus could not wait any longer. I met my battle brothers at the extraction point and we celebrated when that hell was set to the emperor’s purifying flame.

Ambrose Augustin

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