Astropath Ophelia Loxus-Farradan


Her withered eyes stitched shut, the beautiful and astropathically gifted Ophelia is a loyal servant of the Deathwatch and the Ordo Xenos. Since the day of her soul binding upon Holy Terra she has been within the Inquisition’s service, and has spent a full half of her life either within the Astropathic Choiry of Watch Fortress Galvanicus, or within her messaging chamber aboard the War Pilgrim.

Weak of body but with notably far reaching power and a blessed purity of spirit, Ophelia serves the Deathwatch with the humble piety of the greatest of the Emperor’s servants. Although still relatively young, it is believed her power will only burgeon and grow as she reaches the apex of what is expected to be a sadly brief life.

See also The Astropath’s Message.

Astropath Ophelia Loxus-Farradan

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