Damoclese (Destroyed)

Damoclese, Warlord Titan of the Death Giants


Damoclese, Warlord Titan of the Legio Mortae, or Death Giants of the mighty Forge World Sibex I within the Andranos Sector.

UPDATE: During the recent battles with the vile Orks on Durassis, Damoclese, champion of the Legio Mortae, victor of a hundred battles, was felled by a monstrous Ork Gargant, along with it’s brother Warhounds Lupis and Kanae. It’s passing will be mourned throughout the Segmentum, and it’s name will be recorded in the data-crypts of the lost, felled in service to the Imperium of Man.

Damoclese was originally of the revered Legio Tempestor or Storm Lords Legion, but was gifted to the newly budding Death Giants in repayment for some ancient, undisclosed favour. As a result, while the Death Giants are still relativley young (a mere 200 years), Damoclese has served for many centuries, and is a war machine of great renown.

Damoclese is the oldest Titan within the Death Giants, and is considered to be champion of the legion, spearheading the young division’s early victories across the Segmentum. It is most often deployed alongside it’s brother Warhound Titans Lupis and Kanae.

Damoclese is currently deployed on Durassis, along with it’s escort Warhounds and a detacthment of Sibex Skitaari. It’s presence is set to turn the tide of Durassis’s war with the Ork, though some within the Sibex Council of Warseers have criticized the tactics used in it’s current deploment as reckless and opportunistic, namely it’s march order straight through Ork held territory to within firing line of the Ork Capital Fortress. Just because the opportunity to smash the Ork threat has arisen dosn’t neccesarily justify the risks taken with such an ancient and venerable relic…

Damoclese is a proud and wrathful war machine, and wants nothing less than to crush the enemies of man beneath it’s god-sized feet.

Damoclese (Destroyed)

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