Kill Team 12

The Deathwatch Marines assigned to Kill Team 12


Currently under the command of Captain Librarian Marius, Kill Team 12 is to be deployed with Kill Team 13 to the Vessen Trinity, where on the hive world of Furadel they will accompany their Captain in watching for signs of The Threat.


125px sons of medusa symbol
Chapter: Sons of Medusa
Primary Ability: Intelligence
Assignment: Devastator
Most Noted for: Leading embattled Sons of Medusa brothers to victory against the Drurgeloids after the incapacitation of their force commander, using Imperial Guard forces as bait.
Favoured Wargear: Missle Launcher
Appearance: Largely bionic features, hairless, light brown skin
Demeanour: Studious/calculating
Other Notes: Currently 12’s Squad Leader

Chapter: Raven Guard
Primary Ability: Agility
Assignment: Apothacary
Most Noted for: Exceptional dedication to the fallen in the face of alien onslaughts, most notably against rising Necron forces on Riket’s Spire, where he inflitrated the alien’s lines to selflessly save many wounded brothers.
Favoured Wargear: Sword and Stalker Boltgun
Appearance: Pale white skin, long black hair, bionic left eye
Demeanour: Brooding/Fatalistic
Other Notes: Kayvaan loathes all aliens

125px angels of absolution symbol
Chapter: Angels of Absolution
Primary Ability: Weapon Skill
Assignment: Assault Marine
Most Noted for: Extremely high kill-counts against the ghost warriors of Craftworld Iyanden, and rallying their formerly traitorous Human allies under the banner of his chapter.
Feavoured Wargear: Chainsword and Bolt Pistol
Appearance: Plasma-burn scars, noble features
Demeanour: Stoic/Loyal
Other Notes: Abraham lost an arm to an Ork Nob aboard the Ork Junk Station above Durassis. Bionics are pending.

125px invaderspad
Chapter: Invaders
Primary Ability: Toughness
Assignment: Tactical
Most Noted for: Unknown.
Favoured Wargear: Excessive Grenades, Korvis Armour
Appearance: Skin like leather, heavy scarring, blonde buzzcut hair and short trimmed beard
Demeanour: Impetuos/Extroverted
Other Notes: Possible obesssion with glory

125px crimson fists symbol
Chapter: Crimson Fists
Primary Ability: Ballistic Skill
Assignment: Tactical
Most Noted for: Repeated acts of courage against the Ork across an extreme variety of warzones, total determination no matter the objective
Favoured Wargear: Boltgun and Flamer
Apearance: Youthful, red haired, hard faced
Demeanour: Focused/Zealous
Other Notes: Wolgang reserves a special hatred for the Ork, typical of the Crimson Fists.


Kill Team 12

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