Legionaire 479

479 of the Legio Cyberntica


479 was first encountered after broadcasting emerging distress signals from a hidden location within an ancient mineshaft carved near Bonegrinder’s Rok on Durassis. Along with a surviving 18 Secutors, 4 Praetorians a single terrified PDF soldier, 479 represented all that was left of the escort force deployed to defend the Warlord Titan Damoclese.

479’s courage remained unfaltering in his rallying of the few survivors, and later in his service to the Kill Team after they responded to his calls for aid. In employing this small force in the reclamation of the fallen titan, 479 proved a worthy ally of the Kill Team.

Last contact was as the Kill Team left the atomic ruins of The Rok, stating he and his surviving Secutors would defend the corpse of their charge untill it could be reclaimed by their Adeptus Mechanicus masters.

The likelihood of their success is low.

See Legio Cybernetica.

Legionaire 479

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