Marius, Watch Captain Librarian

"Our resources unlimited, our actions backed by the very word of the Inquisition - truly, it is a great thing to serve in His holy Deathwatch."


NAME: Marius
RANK: Captain Librarian
HOME CHAPTER: Death Knights
AGE: 171 Years

Death knightspad


Around the neck of this space marine hangs a jangle of amulets – the Chapter-icon of the Deathknights in jade green, the Aquila of the Imperium in gold, the symbol of the Deathwatch in cold steel – but there is one that draws the concern of brothers across the Watch, that icon so revered by the masses of common men: the icon of the Ecclesiarchy.

Marius will not faulter when challenged over his Chapter’s position on the Emperor’s Divinity. As he rightfully states, each chapter has it’s cult, each cult it’s idiosyncrasies. This is at heart no different than the Spirit Worship of the Space Wolves, or the often disturbing Sanguinary Rites of the Blood Angels and their successors. It is by the respect that Marius garners alone that he is only rarely challenged on this stance.

What is unchallenged is his ability to command, the sharpness of his mind, and his skills as a swordsman. It is said that armed with a straight blade, no Astartes in the watch can best him in one on one combat, though many await the chance to try.

What also sets Marius apart from his Brother-Captains is his use of the “Divine Sight”, allegedly a hallmark of the Librarian-Leaders of his Chapter. Many times over, the marines under Marius’s command have been miraculously led out of oncoming danger, or issued a sudden and erratic change of orders and found themselves staring down decisive victory.

Some find this faith placed in a Psychic Captain, and one from a foreign chapter who’s practices are little understood, extremely taxing. But the faith the Commander places in him, and the battle-honours Marius has obtained, speak for themselves.

Marius, Watch Captain Librarian

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