Ryder Keynes

Apothecary of the Storm Wardens, currently on detached duty with the Deathwatch, Kill team 13



Fate: 3
Corr: 3

Narthesium, Reductor, Diagnostor Helmet

Standard Bolter
Standard Bolt Pistol
Combat Knife
Custom Claymore, containing within the Hereditary blade of the Keynes family.


Letter from Lorgath Maclir – Current Storm Wardens Chapter Master. , to Commander Heraclite, of the Galvanicus Watch.

Commander, it is an honor to be heard by one as celebrated within the ranks of the Astartes as Yourself. Emperor be praised above all.
The Astartes Ryder Keynes is on his way to your Watch station. He is a powerful and noble warrior from a proud family of Sacrins. While originally trained as an Assault Marine, the Cleansing of Vigil changed his life and focus.
Keynes Acquitted himself well early in the cleansing, until the battle of Ralias Deep. Keynes Squad and 4 others became cut off in a series of tunnels below the surface. For 3 weeks, 22 Astartes held off the Slaugth and their constructs with nothing but their swords and knives. Keynes quickly saw that Apothecary were needed, and begun to quickly retrain himself in their arts. By the time rescue of the units became possible, only 5 of my marines were found, surrounded by piles of dead worms and creatures, and Keynes among them. he carried with him the projenoids of the fallen, bringing much honor to his family. he continue on as an apothecary, and has since become one of our most well regarded Astartes.
After the vigil he completed formal Apothecary training, and also went to the Aeronauticum, claiming he wanted to be as far from the dark tunnels under the Earth as he could get. he has become quite proficient as a pilot, though I must warn you commander; he enjoys taking what he calls ‘Joyrides’ to much than is strictly to my liking.
Keynes is a fine medic and soldier, Highly capable in bladed combat, and proficient with All bolter arms. he takes the welfare of his fellow Astartes very seriously, and can be quite hard headed about their care. he forms attachments quickly, and even amongst the Wardens he is renown for his honor and generosity to his brothers. his lighthearted and easygoing manner may fool you however, he is a strong and tough fighter,m and isn’t afraid to wade into the thick of trouble when needed.

I leave him in the hands of the Deathwatch. let the Emperors honor follow him and his battle brothers into combat, and may he bring much glory to the Chapter of the Storm Wardnes.

Emperors blessings,
Lorgath Maclir, Storm Wardens Chapter Master.

Ryder Keynes personal log:
marines are supposed to be fearless in the face of danger and heracy. When i became one that was how I felt; All strong and Fearless. Redundant organs, self healing wounds… i remember my father saying he had never been prouder to have someone so strong be a part of his family. i fought the threat to the Imperium across space, and protected the secret of my world with blade in hand and the emperors fury rushing through my veins.
Then came Vigil.
Imagine a skinny frame that creaks when it moves, covered in maggots that seem to be growing from its skin, yet all with a life of their own. Eyes that glow in the darkness and the constant sounds of a thick wet slime that seems to ooze over them and slop off. Those are the Slaugth. Now imagine them in dark tunnels, many klicks under ground. That was Vigil
It was a dead world to begin with, nothing but rock and dust. I still don’t even know what we were doing there. My time was one of 12 Assault Squads that went in. At the time I was an Assault Marine, more than eager to destroy anything in sight. We had some wins, took some terrirory. That is until Ralias Deep.

22 Marines, spread across 5 Squads, were sent to blow a tunnel intersection, which would cut a bulk of the slaugth off from their biomech constructs. We got in, and set the charges, but had to fall back. To complete out mission we blew the charges, but with ourselves on the wrong side. We were trapped down in the tunnels, and they were to narrow for full armor. We cut down to scout units or stripped down suits and used what little of ammo we had left to cut our way to a secure area.
Then I learned the meaning of hell.
Ammo ran out by the end of the 4th day. By the end of that week we had next to no power left. With swords and knives we fought our way across an army, trying to find a way out. But the rock and the tunnels blocked comms and GPS was messed up by some interference…we wandered in circles. Aaron Glinness was the last Apothacery left alive; he recruited me to help. In few times we had alone to catch our breath, he taught me the basics of his craft. Guess you could say I had a knack for it.

It was 3 weeks before a second team came in to get us out. 3 weeks in the dirt and the dark, fighting worms and the slime with nothing but the battered pieces of our armor, and our swords. 3 weeks of holding Marins that were almost impossible to kill and never araid together with spare bits of metal and sealant and scraps. 3 weeks without the sky.

I won’t go back there. Not under the ground, not if i can help it. If I had to i…i don’t know what might happen. I’ll just have to try and keep myself in the sky…

Ryder Keynes

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