Sergios Caravah

Harsh and hard willed Iron Hands Devastator


Original Rolls (reallocated): ws14, wp12, bs15, int8, ag14, fel8, str10, per9, to15

  • WS: 46 ( 44 + Chapter Trapping= Silver Skulls of the Khargul: +2)
  • BS: 50 ( +5 purchased for 200xp)
  • S : 40
  • T : 50 ( +5 purchased for 500xp)
  • AG: 46 ( +3 from Green Expanse Veteran 400xp)
  • IN: 38
  • PE: 44 ( +5 purchased for 200xp)
  • WP: 47 ( +5 purchased for 500xp
  • F : 38

- Iron Hands Cybernetics ( rolled 5 – cashed in 4 for 2 exceptional)
-—> Left arm: Exceptional, Heart: Exceptional, Respiratory System: Common

- Burned 1 fate point for 2 master crafted cybernetics
-—> Cybernetic Vision: Master crafted, Right Arm: Master crafted
*Cybernetics add +2 to toughness of the location added AFTER superhuman modifier

Hit Points: 21
Movement: 5, 10, 15, 30

-Mighty Shot: +2 damage to each hit with ranged attacks (purchased for 500xp)

-Assault doctrine

Current Equipment:
-Heavy Bolter with backpack supply (250 shots)
-Mk 7 Power Armor (History: Bring Death From Afar)


An Iron hands traditionalist, Sergios despises perceived weakness in himself and others. He cares little for the common man as an individual… he fights to save the entire Imperium from those who would see it fall, and unless a man can prove his worth in this battle his value is minimal, and his person expendable.

Sergios has great respect for honorable actions, and has developed a particular dislike for the Eldar due to their underhanded, scheming nature. Their manipulation of other races, double dealings and deceit fill Sergios with disgust.

During his involvement in the Green Expanse campaign he developed a hatred for the Orks as well. There is very little honor amongst the ranks of the Ork, and their destruction and desecration of ancient and holy Imperium technology is unforgivable. Sergios feels the insult of these actions more strongly than other marines due to his Iron Hands background, and their habit of embracing technology in order to purge weakness amongst themselves.

While cleansing the Ork taint during the Green Expanse war, his company was all but wiped out when they encountered a heavily armed and armored Ork Squiggoth. It cut a bloody swathe through their ranks until it was stopped in its tracks by Sergios himself. Seeing that all would be lost if the greatest sacrifice was not made, Sergios charged the beast, leaping into its gaping maw while carrying 2 bandoliers full of activated krak grenades. Miraculaously, Sergios survived, and although his actions killed the beast and saved the few remaining company members, his body was left broken and badly mutilated. As reward for his actions he was rebuilt with various cybernetic components, several of which were of extremely high quality craftsmanship. He is now more machine than man and, were he a part of any other chapter, would likely be viewed with suspicion and fear, but gives thanks to the Emperor that he is allowed to continue the fight against the enemies of mankind.

Sergios Caravah

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