The Dark Angels (Executed)

Three Dark Angels, met and executed.


Three Dark Angels, low on supplies and their power armour failing, where met and executed by Team 13 in the tox-jungles of Durassis.

The leader of the trio, Maladon, claimed they where ordered to remain on Durassis after Dark Angels forces withdrew at the conclusion of their involvement in the Green Expanse Crusade.

Brother Zuriel was first to find them, and appeared not to believe the story they presented. A discreet soul-reading performed by Brother-Librarian Ambrose revealed a powerful guilt weighing deeply upon them (even for Dark Angels). This, along with their suspect circumstances, was all Zuriel required to deem them worthy of unceremonious execution by bolter, as traitors to the chapter.

Their bodies and power armour remain in the jungle.

The Dark Angels (Executed)

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