Thule, Watch Captain

"Stand firmly on your training, and watch as the enemy faulters on theirs. The Codex is stronger than what they think they know about us."


NAME: Thule
RANK: Captain
HOME CHAPTER: Imperial Fists
AGE: 47 Years

140px imperial fists livery


Thule’s young age belies his broad tactical mind and exceptional skill with Bolt weaponry. Thule was deployed in warzone after bloody warzone with little to no repsite, spending little time as a Scout before being advanced to position of Brother Tactical, and quickly to Sergeant. He has faced every major xenos race across the Galaxy’s most hostile warzones. Thule is uncomposimising of himself and the brothers under his command.

It was his martial skill and great capacity to adapt to Xenos tactics that saw him chosen for the Deathwatch. His encyclopedic Lore Tacticus and battlefield intelligence allowed him to consistantly out-manauever his foe at a squad level, while staying firmly within the doctrines of the Codex Astartes.

His favoured weapons are the Bolter and Chainsword. Philisophically, he believes that an Astartes must have total mastery of the foundations of his training before he can hope to master the diversity of foes the galaxy presents:

“Specialization is a luxury we, the versatile exterminators, cannot afford.”

He seeks to consistantly stand on the tenants of the Codex Astartes, although this remains a challenge for most active deathwatch brothers.

Thule, Watch Captain

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