Heraclite, Watch Commander

Heraclite, Master and Commander of the Galvanicus Watch


NAME: Heraclite
RANK: Commander
HOME CHAPTER: Novamarines
AGE: 282 Years

Novamarines badge


For 40 years, Heraclite has commanded the Galvanicus Watch with a vigilance and tirelessness that brings great honour to his sire chapter, the Novamarines; though one can no longer detect the pride of nobility and zealous monodominant fervour for human supremacy that characterises his battle brothers.

Heraclite’s style and abilities as a warrior are unknown to you, and you have heard of no occasion of his deployment to battle. What is known is he was once a Captain of the Novamarines 3rd Company, and the Honours and Distinctions that bedeck his grand power armour denote great accolades gained in Deathwatch campaigns past- though other than his shoulderplate’s Novamarines heraldry, he bears nothing to denote his time before the Watch.

Whoever he had been in his former life, Heraclite is now Master and Commander down to his very soul. His speech is direct and always to the point, with all the calm authority and certainty of obedience to be expected of a hero of the Imperium. The Brothers of the fortress say that nothing, no foe or calamity, could bring disquiet to this veteran Astartes, and to have such a space marine at the helm of your Deathwatch Stationing is to have an assurance that it’s leadership shall never faulter or fail.

Heraclite has always sought to minimize inter-chapter differences and rivalries under his Watch, and the oldest veterans of the Deathwatch recall that it was in this that his predecessor, Watch-Commander Volhest, had gravely failed…

Heraclite, Watch Commander

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