Dark Angels Tactical Marine


WS 43
BS 47
ST 45
TG 38
AG 42
IN 42
PR 38
WL 50
FL 51


marine standard
forbidden lore adeptus astartes
Tactics armoured

marine standard
peer green expanse vetran
astartes special weapon operator
Air of Authority


Zuriel’s service history is filled with moments of inexplicable luck, from his first combat where his scout squad was ambushed by eldar rangers on the jungle planet of Flotsam to his last mission on Grigori where his attack bike squadron stumbled upon an ork gargant.Always he survives often in improbable circumstances, unfortunately his battle-brothers are often not so lucky.

This has led him to believe that he has recieved a blessing from the Lion himself, a protection that twists fate to keep him alive. Originally driving him to request permanent posting in the assault squads, his talent for command was noted and his request was denied. Eventually his youthful recklessness transformed to a dedication to his squad that had him taking the most dangerous tasks in an attempt to protect them from his odd curse. THis percieved heroism had him rise quickly to squad leader and eventually to be initiated into the ravenwing.

Appearingly open and friendly at first, his outer demenour hides a ruthlesness and savagery that is often hard to come to terms with.

His most notable physical feature is his refusal to show his face, always it is covered by a helm or shadowed cowl, he claims it is part of an oath of pennance he has sworn for a misdeed that dates back to his initiation.


Andranos Falls Zuriel