Bors's Decorated Machina Opus

Awarded on behalf of the Sibex Incorporate, for service to their Adepta.


This highly decorated Machina Opus is an icon of service, gifted on behalf of the Adeptus Mechanicus of the Sibex Worlds through Forgemaster Bassus aboard The Damnator, replacing his older, more mundane Opus. It is borne proudly on the chestplate of his Mark IV power armour.

It is given in recognition of Techmarine Bors’s part in securing the corpse of Damoclese on Durassis, cleansing it of Orks, and restoring it’s honour when his Kill Team reawoke the fallen Titan and allowed it to wreak final vengeance on the aliens that laid it low.

The Icon rotates slowly to an unknown pattern, and is crafted half of a reflective black super-alloy, nigh-unbreakable, and half of the ceramite-strong bones of a Calisian Sentriarch, super-predator of the barely tamed Death World Calisi in Andranos’s Iron Belt.

These halves are fused seamlessly toegther, representing an unbreakable bond between the living and the mechanical.

Further, it’s right eye bears a graft port, through which the doubtful can verify it’s authenticity.

With Bors’s knowledge of the secret power structure of the Adeptus Mechanicus, he believes it most unlikely that the Opus’s creators know to whom specifically their commemoration has been awarded- merely that the recipient was a Space Marine, acting at the behest of the Inquisiton. His name, and the identity of the Deathwatch, will remain unknown.


Bors's Decorated Machina Opus

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