Raziel's Mastercrafted Sword

weapon (melee)

Master-crafted ceremonial sword
Damage: 1d10+6
Penetration: 2
Special: Balanced
Other: Master craftsmanship adds +2 (already included) to damage and +10 to weapons kill tests.


Razael mastercraft sword
This sword of superlative quality is of a design that you are unfamiliar with. No imperial military organisation that you know of, be it planetary defense force, imperial guard regiment, imperial navy guard or Astartes chapter, and certainly not the Blood Angels whose blades tend to be thicker and heavier when they are not wielding chain weaponry, wields swords quite of the same pattern as this one. Of course it is impossible for any man to be familiar with all the weapon patterns among the million worlds of the Imperium of Man. When asked about the origins of the sword he wields Raziel merely replies “It was a gift”.

Raziel's Mastercrafted Sword

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