Andranos Falls


Bradden Villamat Keel, Emmisary of the Inquisition

10 Stormtroopers bodyguard

1 Inquirer – Marley Wrothchild

5 servants

4 servitors

1 Sanctioned Psyker – Xenosniffer, Beuron Quaan

1 Astropath

2 Xenos-Loremasters

1 Ecclesiarchy Confessor

6 Servants to the Confessor

3 scribe-adepts from the Administraatum

1 Ogryn Bodyguard, the Executioner


“Your primary objective is to watch for any signs of the threat. Engage emergent foes as needed, though remember, an Astartes killed is an Astartes that cannot report back.
Your secondary objectives are threefold:

First, there will be Inquisiton Emmissary aboard The Black Bolt, tasked with securing the world’s compliance. The presence of an Asartes at the diplomatic table has often made the difference in swaying opinions. Assist him in doing so, but know that he is in no position to command you.

Second, Bulwark’s Voiddock is a defensive structure known as The Keep. Hidden within it is a Watch Station that dates back to the time of the Tyranid Invasion. You are to relieve the tech-adepts within and replace them with a new crew. Bors will assist them in recalibrating the station to detect anomalies in a broader spectrum.

Third. Near Bulwalk’s capital is the laboaratory of the Scholar Yoseph Melgash, funded by the Scholastica Biologus. There are those who believe the prohpesied threat may perhaps be a form of plague. If this is true, the Scholar’s service to us would be extremely valuable. Find Yoseph Melgash, and secure him for transport back to The Damnator. Peacfully if possible, we don’t want him too scared to assist us."


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