Location: Segmentum Tempestus, Andranos Sector
Classification: Fortress World / Agri World
Population: 2-6 Billion
Tithe Grade: Exactis Prima (Medium-High)
Primary Exports: Grain, Prison Slaves, Gasses
Environmental Hospitability: 3 (High)
Government: Hereditary Aristocracy, Autocracy

Map of City 1, Capital of Bulwalk

For 1,000 years Bulwalk was known as Harvest, a slave colony whose fertility fed the voracious appetite of the Hives of it’s planetary dominator, Furadel. When Furadel’s years of corruption finally drew the wrathful hand of the Adeptus Terra, Harvest was declared a World Sovereign. House Bethaara, who alone had retained their nobility through this dispicable era, where given Terra’s blessings to guide this world into prosperity as it’s new government… And to never forget whom had put them there.

Harvest was remade, by the will of Terra, into Bulwalk. The imprisoned world became a world of prisons.



When the vast, squallid prison ships arrive at the orbital docks of Andranos’s Hive worlds – Skarnhold, Bashik, Furadel, and Durassis - they summon up their seething, swollen convict populations and herd them aboard, where they are hauled by their hundred-thousands across the length and bredth of the sector, to Bulwalk.

Once arrived, they will be meticulously inspected and catalogued, every last man-dreg accounted for, before they begin their hard, lifelong repayment of the debt they owe to the Imperium of man. Many are sent to toil in Bulwalk’s fields, mines, and refineries under the watchful eyes of the Wardens. Many are sent to the training grounds of the Departmento Munitorium’s Penal Legions. Some will be sent out to the Sibex Worlds to feed their need for servitors, while the rest, unfit for any other purpose, are left to slowly rot away in vast dungeon-complexes.

In exchange for their unwashed exports, the Hives are returned a portion of the goods produced by their ex-citizens; an agreement which generally pleases all concerned.



House Bethaara has governed Bulwalk since it was first elevated from lowly serfdom. While originally a Noble House of Furadel, they claim to have a lineage that traces right back to the nobility of Holy Terra itself, to the days when the Emperor still walked among his people. Their rule is meticulous and micromanaging, a style of goverance assisted by the heavy presence of the Adeptus Administraatum on the world, who relish the tightly controlled flows of slave workers to their maximally efficient stations.

This Terran foothold, coupled with Bulwalk’s high defensibility, makes the world an ideal staging point for Imperial military operations, and many times have the forces of the Guard and Navy rallied at the world’s fortresses, before surging outward to do battle with the enemies of man.

While Bulwalk pays tithes of a grade far higher than most worlds, it’s standard of living is high for the planetborn population, the Burmen, whom are spared the life of indentured labour destined for most Imperial Citizens. Instead, they are the world’s maintainers – it’s guards, it’s builders, it’s craftsmen and it’s priests, and live their lives in simplistic gratitude. To them, it is truly a fine thing to be a piece in the vast machine of the Imperium – and it is only just that malcontents get exactly what they deserve.

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