Location: Segmentum Tempestus, Andranos Sector
Classification: Hive World
Population: 16 billion
Tithe Grade: Exactis Secundus (Medium-High)
Primary Exports: Starship Fuel, Exotic Minerals, Low-Tech Manufactured Goods
Environmental Hospitability: 1-2 (Low-Medium)
Government: Aristocratic Inter-Hive Council

Durassis, a resource-troubled world of teeming hives and barren wasteland. The world’s history saw it through planet-spanning cities, to resource depletion and over-population, civil war, and finally a tenuous balance of efficiency created through centralizing populations into massive Hives scattered across the planet’s surface, seperated by thousands of kilometres of wasteland and the the urban ruins of the ancient past.



From their glittering towers, the Aristocracy of Durassis watch as the condition of their world worsens. Increasingly, what few natural resources are left are showing signs of being sucked dry, and competition between the scattered Hives is increasing as each struggles to ensure it’s future.

This is as nothing to the Xenos threat bearing down upon the Eastern Continent. Orks have been an isolated threat for centuries, haunting the wastelands and toxic jungles that stretch between the overpopulated nests of humanity. Their constant extermination and inevitable rebirth had become something of a certainty in the world’s culture, both before and after the Green Expanse Crusade, like the changing of the seasons or the coming of the trade ships. This was until a blazing stone smashed down from the heavens, and the Tyrant Bonegrinder was loosed upon it’s surface.

Like they where responding to a far reaching warcry, the Orks of the Eastern Continent rallied under Bonegrinder’s banner; even tribes that had spent their whole brief existences fighting each other dropped their feuds to unite at the Warlord’s coming. Within less than a single year, isolated tribes that would grow and be exterminated in harmless cycles became a seething tide of aliens, converting the detritus of human civilisation into terrible war machines, and stripping the jungles bare for food and materials – junlges that the Council of the Eastern Continent where hoping would replenish the blighted land in generations to come for expansive agriculture.



Hive Cadessa was never built with defense in mind, and as one million Ork Warriors advanced through it’s outmost slums, it’s PDF forces where forced into bloody street fighting, and reinforcements where choked by the seas of humanity fleeing into the depths of the Hive. It was the mass panic caused by the green tide that ultimatley led to Cadessa’s fall – it’s some two million defenders could not be brought effectivley to bear on the Orks, and the terror of the populace finally spread like a disease to the embattled PDF. When the morale of the front lines finally broke, the hope of the Hive broke with it. By the time waves of combined reinforcements from it’s sister hives arrived, the damage was already done – Cadessa was sacked, and ten thousand tonnes of steel scrap where carried off into the heart of Bonegrinder’s territory, to be turned into more blades, more trucks, and more cannons.

There was precious little cooperation between hives to counter Bonegrinder as his dominance was rising, and the cooperative efforts now taking place are considered by some as ‘too little, too late’. The Imperial Guard regiments of Skarnhold, Skitaari forces from the neighbouring Sibex IV, and even a small force of Titans from the Legio Mortae have now arrived in an attempt to crush the aliens, and more soldiers will be drawn from further and further abroad as long as the threat persists. However, with the sacking of Hive Cadessa, the lingering question is just how much damage will be caused to the already troubled Hive World before the Orks will finally be exterminated. Many blame the Lord Militants of the Crusade 20 years past for not not properly purging the Green Expanse of the alien the first time around, though some grumble in more hushed tones of the blame to be laid at the Hive Councils themselves for their fatal complacency in allowing the Orks to muster at their door for all these years…


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