Guardian of the Sanctuary

In the subterranean ruins beneath Bulwalk’s capital, within the seemingly timeless “Morbden Square Tech Sanctuary,” stands a hulking bipedal battle engine, frozen in mid swing at Brother Bors.

This “Guardian of the Sanctuary” was under the thralldom of one of the breached Talismatic Prison’s psychic escapees, whom when made to submit relinquished control of the construct, leaving it as inanimate and lifeless as he had found it.

Later, Kill Team 13 will learn that the Guardian is an ancient pattern of Imperial Robot, war machines of the distant past driven entirely by their Machine Spirits, and vanished long ago from the battlefields of man.

Despite the damage Kill Team 13 inflicted apon it, the construct could perhaps be brought back into the fold of the Imperium if it could be exhumed from the sub-city ruins.

The guardian

Guardian of the Sanctuary

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