The Andranos Sector

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It is to the stellar anomalies that have produced it’s “Iron Belt” that Andranos owes it’s vast mineral riches, a wealth exploited to the full by the powerful and largely autonomous Sibex Incorporate, regional Cult Mechanicus and overseers of the Sector’s four industrious Forge Worlds.

(See Sibex Skitaari Legion for the armed forces of the Sibex Incorporate)

Andranos is ruled by Lord Governor King Jonah Luxinn Valmere, Imperial Commander and Monarch of Skarnhold. Jonah is a staunch traditionalist and a martially minded man, with the industry of the Sibex as his shield and the Guard of Skarnhold as the tip of his sword. The peace Andranos enjoys never enough to sate his thirst for glory, the King of Skarnhold is quick to commit his Sector’s power to whatever corner of the Segmentum sounds the call to arms. It is more than a few worlds beyond his Sector’s boundaries that owe tithes and trade routes to the Warrior King for victories past, and for armies stationed to this day.



Many say that it is by the will of King Jonah that Andranos sends so many of it’s sons to die on foreign soil – but Historians will tell you this is but half of the truth. Instead, they claim the answer lies in Andranos’s distant past, when the rise of the four Sibex Worlds saw a drastic spike in the Iron Belt’s ore outputs, but resulted in crippling poverty for the Sector’s Hive Worlds.

With ore exports sucked into the new Forge World’s furnaces as quickly as they could be dug out of the ground, and regional markets becoming rapidly saturated with high-grade manufactured goods, the Hive Worlds became destitute as industries they had relied on for centuries where outclassed by the superlative production outputs of the Forges.

The Master of Segmentum Trade and Commerce, Fiobainan Yolthri, had the following to say on the matter:

“If the Hives of Andranos cannot contribute anything meaningful to the welfare of the Segmentum, then they cannot expect to recieve it’s generosity back – do they think it is by some divine right that they maintain an existence within our borders? If they complain that they are starving, then they had best pull themselves together and produce something of actual, practical value. Tanks are not going to build themselves!”

To pay their mounting dues to the Imperium, the Hive Worlds became forced to tithe ever-vaster swathes of their populations into the Guard, and develop dangerous and low grade industry as the only alternative to the outputs of the Sibex Worlds. Crippling poverty ensued in the Hives, and with it insurrection, followed by inevitably bloody retribution.

While Durassis eventually adapted by tapping into undiscovered natural resources, and Skarnhold while initially frightened was barely effected at all, Furadel and Bashik continued to wane and suffer for centuries, eventually reaching the point of grovelling stability they sit at today. These worlds are dark places of disease and suffering, and for the men of their cities the chance to join the Guard is often the only reprieve from an existence that offers no other escape.

One mercy for the Hives is the production generated by their convict populations on Bulwalk. By ancient contract, a portion of all goods raised by convicts on the fertile prison planet is shipped back to their birthworld. It is a sad, backward irony that those sent to Bulwalk while still young often live longer, healthier lives tilling it’s open green fields, even in chains, than those ‘free’ Hivers who trudge to their labour every day in the polluted, disease ridden confines of their native cities. This is a truth that the rulers of these Hives wish to keep far from their subjects; and with a little propaganda to aid the cause it is left to the imaginations of the Hivers below to create the horrors awaiting those sent to the prison planet.


The Andranos Sector

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