The City 1 Arbites

Enforcers battle

Adeptus Arbites on Lexicanum

Just as the Codex Astartes is the holiest document of the Codex Chapters, so the Book of Judgment is sacrosanct script of the Adeptus Arbites. The Arbites are at once police force and priesthood, to whom the truest form of worship is the maintenance of Imperial Law, and application of Imperial Justice.

Judge Rosin Bolt, born on Skarnhold though stationed on Bulwalk, maintains Terran Law in City 1 with true vigilance. Hers is the Arbites Precinct Fortress and Great Courthouse of the capital. Though wholly adequete to run the precinct, she turns to her Street Marshal, Arbal Decume, to direct the Arbite’s military might.

Street Marshal Decume is Master of Arms. The suppression of rioting prisoners or the execution of highly equipped criminals are the most likely scenarios warranting the full might of City 1’s Arbites – but with the comined strength of the planet’s Arbites, even the overthrow of Bulwalk’s goverment is possible, should it ever come to such extremes.


To these ends, City 1’s Precinct Fortress possesses the following military resources:

300 Arbite Enforcers – Drilled to excellence in paramilitary operation, and equipped to combat a force many times their own number. Carapace Armour and Combat Shotguns get the job done with brutal efficiency.

Additional Enforcer armarments include Carceri-6 pattern Autoguns, Flamers, Grenade Launchers, Riot Shields, Stun Batons, Sniper Rifles, man-portable Heavy Stubbers, Boltguns with several ammunition variants, and a plethora of specialized grendes including Blind, Smoke, Gas, and Frag.

12 Heavy Weapons Teams – Mostly Autocannons and Heavy Bolters, with several specialized Bolt rounds avaliable.

20 Cyber Mastiffs – Though not intended for true battle, they are still a highly effective and intimidating assault unit.

8 Chimairas – Judgment Pattern. Their hull-mounted lasguns are replaced with shotguns for urban assaults.

5 Hellhound Assault Tanks – These monsters are reserved for the most brutal of crowd control operations. In City 1, this is the rare but dire incidence of mass prison break.

4 Valkyries – Additionally armoured against small arms fire and mostly used for deep urban insertion. However, reserve munitions enough to level a whole city block of lawbreakers lie dormant in the armoury.

Of course, the fortress itself is an element of Arbite might. It can withstand direct ordnance fire, and mounts lascannons and anti-aircraft autocannons as fixed weapon emplacements. An entire army could besiege it (and indeed, an army of sorts IS besieging it) and it would hold.

City 1 courthouse

The Precinct Fortress also posseses the following non-military resources:

An Astropathic Temple

A Trans-Orbital dock and vessels

An extended comms and electronic surveylence array

An exotic array of man-portable tech for locating and siezing lawbreakers

Repair, maintenance and engineering facilities

Prison facilities to hold Psykers, Psycopaths, and the most gifted of escape artists.

Complete environmental sealing and life support

Supplies to outlast an extended siege

The City 1 Arbites

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