The Demons of Kerheztherdaal

The entitity announced itself to you as Kerheztherdaal, proclaiming itself “Keeper of Time, Guardian of Eternity,” and that is was nothing less than an immortal God. Whatever the truth, you banished it’s Demons aboard the War Pilgrim back to the warp, preventing it from fullfilling it’s desire: the death of Astropath Ophelia Loxus-Farradan, whom it claimed had “violated the material boundaries of time, and must suffer great the consequences.”


Three distinct Demonic forms where identitified: A lesser form (pictured above), an armoured middle form – though still apparently not a match for a battle brother – and an enourmous greater form, the tiny withered body at the centre of which was protected by thick layers of armour that seemed vulnerable only to the psychic attacks of a Librarian. Each form was bound to a higher one by steel chains, the greater form being the eventual source of them all. Severance of the chain, or destruction of the demon it was bound to, caused it’s imemdiate banishment.

When Zuriel shouted aloud the word “TREXAGEDIA,” it drew the greater demon’s attention and seemed to caused it distress. Casting a bolt into it’s heavily armoured face at this moment of apparent weakness did much in destroying it. Whether this form was a servant of “Kerheztherdaal,” or the entity itself, is unknown.

The meaning of Trexagedia, and how and why Zuriel knows it, are unknown also.

The entity has sworn it’s venegance apon you all. It has promised it will be there at that last moment your soul departs, waiting.

The Demons of Kerheztherdaal

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