The Rogue Psyker's trail

The Kill Team tracked the psykers, arrogant beyond due caution in the face of conflict with Space Marines, to a chasmal plaza, entrace to the “Goodsway Underpass.” Torretial rain fell from stormclouds above in defiance of the laws of the material realm, and a thunderous voice echoed from the platform ahead:

“Oh Gods of Chaos, Immortal Lords of the Immaterium, hear our prayer! We throw off the old yoke of the Reality Bound Imperium! We pledge ourselves body and soul to your service! We call apon you, that you may shatter this barrier before us! We implore you, almighty ones, clear this final obstacle, and reveal your divine servants, into whose arms and mercies we wish only to deliver ourselves!”

The Kill Team charged across the filling sump towards the source, revealing the psykers (or rather, phantamsal images of their leader) engaged in foul ritual. Chaotic scribblings lay across the huge, Aquila marked doors before them, around which they where gathered with arms outstretched.

Such was the rage of Team 13 that but a single one was left alive.

The Rogue Psyker's trail

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