The Sibex Skitaari Legion

The Sibex Skitaari Legion

The Skitaari Legion of the Sibex Incorporate of Andranos are a relativley small but highly trained, cybernetically augmented force of soldiers supported by the mighty warmachines of their native forgeworlds.

The Sibex Skitaari almost never operate outside of a support role (except in the defense of the four Forgeworlds from which they hail – Sibex I, II, III and IV. See The Andranos Sector), serving instead as the dedicated escorts to the great Ordinatus, Titans, and other terrifying weapons of the Mechanicus when their devastating powers are called apon by Sector Govenor Jon Valmere, or the Lord Militants of the wider Segmentum Tempestus.

The following are some of the best known units within the Sibex Skitaari:

Often known as Sibex’s ‘Tech-Guard’, the Secutors are an infantry force conditioned from birth. Bred from human stock selected for it’s fighting characteristics, the Secutors are physically and mentally more suited to war and obedience than any world’s native guardsmen.

Mental conditioning begins from the cradle, as well as courses of growth hormones and continual genetic screening. Once they are old enough to train, one arm is amputated and replaced with a Sibex-Pattern Lasgun and their bonding with the weapon begins, untill the warrior considers the gun as a living part of his body, and his aim becomes superlative.

His stength will be enhanced with vat-grown muscle grafts, and his individuality broken with endless indoctrination untill he is a automatom of war: skilled, near fearless, and perfectly obedient in battle. The downside to this heavy mental reshaping is a lack of combat flexibility and improvisational tactics, and perhaps too often a unit of Secutors caught without orders with stay obstinately at it’s last course of action, even when doing so becomes suicide.

A Sibex Secutor in support of Titan Forces on Durassis, wearing a Radsuit to protect it from deadly radiation.

The Cataphracti are the pilots of the Sibex Skitaari, each grafted physically and connected mentally to his vehice. The Cataphracti is communed with the vechile’s machine spirit through a dedicated Mind Impulse Unit, meaning it’s every function is controlled by the will of the pilot.

One example of a Cataphracti Vehicle is the sophisticated Centaur Destroyer tank. With only a single crew member and no need for wasteful internal space, the Centaur is significantly smaller and lighter than, say, the lumbering Leman Russ, but is easily as well armoured due to the great sophistication of it’s materials and construction.

The Centaur Destroyer’s turret Lascannon Battery, arcane engines, and extensive cooling systems are all linked to the same plasma reactor. Any normal crew would find the constant juggling of heat and energy to the tank’s systems an impractically taxing task – but the Cataphracti, a living extension of the machine, regulates these variables as easily as a common man breathes, making him the only probable candidate for the advanced Centaur.

The Centaur Destroyer is likely faster, tougher, and bears more firepower than any other Imperial tank of it’s size, and is certainly one of the smallest to be powered by a plasma reactor (making for some impressively cataclysmic Cataphrati deaths…).

Legio Cybernetica

The Legio Cybernetica are the elite force of an elite force, the mighty commandos of the the Sibex legions.

Drawn mainly from those rare individuals that stand out from the otherwise uniform ranks of the Secutors, a potential Legionnaire will be taken and tested exhaustively for candidacy. If he fails, what remains will be recycled into servitor components. If he succeeds, he is remade into a Legionnaire.

A Legionnaire is far more machine than man, his body rebuilt into a deadly, disciplined killing machine. Equipped with a potential variety of exotic melee and ranged weapons, the Legionnaires are skilled in a wide variety of arms and battlefield tactics, able to adapt themselves to a changing theater of war, unlike their woefully inflexible Secutor brethren, to whom they often serve as commanders or assault leaders.

Unwise comparisons have been made by the some of the more pretentious members of the Sibex Mechanicus of the Legion to the Holy Adeptus Astartes. Whether or not any Space Marine has heard these claims is unknown, though the resulting dispute would be… dramatic.

Legionnaire 479 is one such warrior.

Praetorian Servitors

To compare the clumsy, dim-witted battle servitors of bodies such as the Imperial Navy to the Praetorian is like comparing a cargo hauler to a battle tank. The Praetorian, the superheavy infantry of the Sibex Skitaari, is another class entirely.

Archeotech-based servo-pistons make up their skeletons, dense layers of chemically infused muscle drives them forward, and a plated ceramite exoskeleton protects them from all but ordinance fire. Their battle-programming is tempered perfectly for war, and they move with a smoothness that nearly rivals a human man- despite being twice as large, 8 times as heavy, and 10 times as strong.

The locomotion of the Praetorian varies, but they usually walk atop conventional legs, grind forward on tracked platforms, or stride atop sentinel-like limbs, matching the pace of the warmachines they support.

It is thought by scholars and curious observers outside the Mechanicus that their organic components must come from some huge and resilient Abhuman strain. Ogryn tissue is thought to be a likely candidate, though few can image what monstrous creations, hideous and barely sanctioned, are grown within the secret laboratories and flesh-factories of the Sibex.

The Sibex Skitaari Legion

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