The Skarnhold Imperial Guard

Pride from the start, Faith till the end”, the old maxim of the Imperial Guard regiments of Skarnhold, seat of governance to the Andranos sector. This is no propaganda piece or hot-air claim- the Guard Units of Skarnhold take this dictum with a seriousness that forms the core of their identity and strength as a fighting force.

The uniform of the Skarnhold Guard is black flak and a lasgun of a design uniquely produced on Skarnhold, while a plumed crest and cape of lurid green embellish each soldier – Black and Green being the heraldic colours of their homeworld.

Their regiments are particularly well equipped and trained at the world’s own expense (such is the wealth of the “The Iron Crown”, see The Andranos Sector), a direct reflection of the esteem with which Skarnhold holds it’s military forces, to whom they are the very embodiment of the strength and pride of their fiercely beloved homeworld. To be a soldier in His glorious Imperial Guard is a great honour within the culture of Skarnhold, and to aspire to less is typical of the lowest classes, the weak, and slaves.

The regiments of Skarnhold are characterized by a fierce self-confidence (a trait that at it’s worst could fairly be called arrogance), and an exemplary devotion to the imperial faith; many cleric-militants of the Ecclesiarchy support them in auxiliary and frontline roles, and it is military culture that each soldier should strive to outdo his peers in terms of battlefield glory gained and a death that is fitting of a soldier in The Emperor’s own Imperial Guard. Such a death is called the “The Cold Majesty” by the fighting men, and is inflated to such mythic proportions that there have been incidences of unit retreat being justified by group-sergeants as “bringing the men to ends unfitting of a Skarnholder.” That such an excuse would be met with pardon, however, is unlikely…

To their credit, they have been a key part in victories across their sector and segmentum, and are regarded by the Lord Militants who wage these wars as a highly competent and motivated infantry force, hard-headed in assault and stalwart in defense.

To their Discredit, the Guard of Skarnhold have had several dark stains on their service history – insubordination when orders from higher in the command chain means a perceived compromise in glory to be gained, the gross mistreatment of local populations on militarized worlds, and even outright armed violence towards renowned Guard Regiments such as the Tallarn Desert-Warriors after a series of competitive escalations.

Currently, companies of Skarnhold Infantry, Tanks and Artillery are deployed to, among other places, the wastelands of Durassis, combating the Ork within their own native sector.

Skarnhold guard
A Skarnhold Infantryman, in uniform Black Flak and Sk-1 Lasgun, with Green Crest Plume and Cloak.

The Skarnhold Imperial Guard

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