The War Pilgrim

  • Class: Gauntlet Class Deathwatch Rapid Response Vessel
  • Dimensions: .95 km length .2 km width
  • Mass: 4.9 Megatonnes
  • Crew: 400 servitors, 1 Astartes Captain, 40 tech-adepts, 300 serfs
  • Acceleration: 8.1 gees Max sustainable acceleration
  • Armament: 2 Prow mounted torpedo tubes single dorsal mounted light macrocannon battery 4 drop pod launch tubes
  • Launch Bay Craft complement: up to 6 Thunderhawk dropships


The Kutuzov warp engine design was based on a warp engine recovered from the Death of Gstaad, a ruined fast courier from the Dark Age of Technology dicovered in the 33rd millenium. Combined with 12 drive tubes and and a Plasma Reactor comparable in output to a front line light cruiser, the War Pilgrim is one of the fastest vessels to brave the void, exceeded only by the ships of Jupiter’s moon, Titan.


Crafted in the 34th millienium by the most skilled voids-craftsmen of Mars itself at the personal request of the lords of the inquistion, The War Pilgrim is designed specifically to get a kill team from a watch fortress to a mission location as fast as the tech-sorcery of the adeptus mechanicus can possibly move a ship.

Built along a different methodology than almost any other ship in the imperium, The War Pilgrim, and it’s sister ships in service to the Deathwatch, are infiltrators rather than warships. Their size precludes this class of ship from being an effective combatant, though their machine spirits are said by those who interact with them to be underhanded vicious beasts, that exult in delivering their complement of battle-brothers to the heart of the enemy so that the vessel’s foe shall be rent asunder from within.

The innards of the ship contain all that would be required for the optimal operation of a deathwatch kill team.

The War Pilgrim is currently assigned to the fleet of Watch Fortress Galvanicus.

Written by Zuriel

The War Pilgrim

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