Watch Fortress Galvanicus

In a cold corner of the Ixiniad sector, north of Andranos and west of the Green Expanse, lies an inconspicuous cluster of planetoids- too barren to colonize, and too remote to mine.

What enemy of man, then, would suspect that in this dead realm, hidden beneath the barren crust of a planetoid no more valuable or attractive than any other in it’s miserable grouping, lies a vast subterranean fortress of immense strategic power? Certainly not those few pirates, wandering predatory aliens or lost merchant vessels who, over the span of it’s thousand year vigil, have strayed too close to these tiny worlds, never to be seen again.

Dark planet

The Hidden Fortress

Watch Fortress Galvanicus’s energy emissions are hidden behind networks of dampeners concealed in the surrounding asteroids, and secret weapons banks under the stone bristle with cannon and torpedo. It is thought an entire armada could assail these stones and still be repelled, though this has never yet occurred. Not even the tyranical Lord Vholat Ghenner Rike, Govenor of the Ixiniad Sector, knows the fortress exists within his realm – for it’s construction was sanctioned in ages past by far higher powers.

The threat, past or future, that warranted Galvanicus’s establishment within Ixiniad are known only to the most trusted few (or perhaps, like so many things Imperial, forgotten entirely), though one likely reason is to monitor the wax and wane of the Orks of the Green Expanse over the centuries, and intervene in dark times. Still, it takes the threat of a dire foe indeed to neccesitate building a mighty watch fortress…

Whatever the original reason, Galvanicus is currently centre to an expansive and secret network of Watch Stations (in remote locations such as the Tox-Jungles of Durassis), each tracking any suspect activity within their zone. Either through a (terribly lonely) stationed astropath, the transmission of encoded radio to a nearby world, or direct collection (a laborious but neccessary process), their data is regularly returned to Galvanicus to be poured over by it’s Serfs, and ultimatley scrutinized by Watch Commander Heraclite, at who’s sole discretion a threat may be acted apon, or an emerging danger far in the future quashed before it can even begin.

The Brothers of Galvanicus

Heraclite, once of the Novamarines, is current master of the Galvanicus Watch’s silent vigil over the dozen star systems within it’s jurisdiction. Two dozen Kill Teams from nearly as many chapters, 5000 Serfs, two battle-company’s worth of vehicles, any vast number of stationed elite forces deathly loyal to the Inquisition, and a small fleet headed by the almighty strike cruiser The Damnator are at his command, although to see them all unitited within it’s walls is rare, scattered as they are across the bredth of the watch’s wide swathe of the Imperium.


The Obsidian Vaults

Galvanicus’s armouries hold some of the greatest weapons of man, beyond even the reach of the Astartes Chapters, and it’s vaults store technologies the Mechanicus themselves would baulk at. In truth, if the Watch Commander where to earnestly request it, no resource, no matter how great or terrible, would be denied him. Entire alien dominions have been extinguished by the Deathwatch, and entire worlds have been burned at the order of Watch Commanders past.

Deeper still lie the Obsidian Vaults, where weapons from the Dark Age of Technology are held locked in stasis untill that terrible day comes when they must be unleashed. Diseases of unstoppable virulence, torpedos of star destroying power, and databanks of secret knowledge to collapse the edifices of power for many sectors over – all of these where secretly ferried in ages past from across the span of the galaxy through the unlimited channels of the Inquisition’s Ordo Xenos, the big-sister organization to the Deathwatch.

Lady-Inquisitor Rapaeleister dwells also within the fortress’s walls, providing the watch’s essential link to the Inquisition, and arranging the resources and intelligence it needs to function. Her chambers are their own armoured quarter of the fortress, and only herself, the Commander, and her menagerie of bizzare attendees and servants (some of which raise dubious and baffled eyebrows) may cross it’s corridors.

The halls of Watch Fortress Galvanicus are where Astartes of this watch begin their service. Either alive, or as a parcel of gene seed harvested from the dead, the halls of Galvanicus are where their service ends.

Watch Fortress Galvanicus

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