The Hexidector


Left: Livery of the Hexidectist Priests, maintainers of the Hexidector. Their ritual garb is black, inlaid with golden numerals and edged with Mars red. Cloth of these colours hung also in the machine’s chamber.

This grand machine was a gift from the Lords of the Sibex Worlds, a symbol of lasting goodwill between House Bethaara and Andranos’s Cult Mechanicus. It’s superlative logic matrixes performed much of the logistication and complex analysis of House Bethaara, under the direction of the Chamberlain’s eldest son, head of the Siliconic Technicians of Bethaara.

Now it has been revealed that it’s designated Mechanicus maintainers, the Hexidectists, have been siphoning information from the Cogitator’s Databanks, and passing it on to higher authorities.

Chamberlain Thurdex is considering this is a gross violation of trust. It is hard to disagree with him.

Bors is still analyzing the Hexidector, hoping to find something amiss within it’s workings. He fears damaging the device however, as he is unversed in it’s mysterious operational rites.

The Hexidectists have been custoded, and the Emissary’s Inquirer, Marley Wrothchild, has begun the application of his practiced arts apon them. It will not be long before they talk.

The Hexidector

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